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Jeffrey Hartman
Managing Partner

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As operations professionals with a passion for continuous process improvement, we provide your team with the experience, vision, and leadership to create significant, measurable, and sustainable improvements to your manufacturing and support processes.  We utilize a systematic, proven approach to assess your current operation and identify opportunities for improvement.  Most importantly, we then work with your team to develop and implement a step by step plan to make your future state a reality.  Meaningful results for your business are our goal.   Contact us and allow us to provide a candid assessment of your situation and potential.


  • Manufacturing basics are the key to a successful operations environment.  Strong leadership, participative planning, easily understood metrics and honest communication through all levels of the organization is part of our business DNA.


  • Working with employees to drive waste from processes using Lean Manufacturing tools is only the first step. Creating processes to maintain and improve the changes is essential to what we do.
  • One size does not fit all; we tailor our approach and efforts to meet our client’s needs.


  • Institutionalizing a continuous improvement environment allows a company to succeed in any business climate.
  • Manufacturing floors exist to service and support the sales organization. 


  • Lean is a journey and effective implementation is a combination of management commitment, training, consistent application of Lean principles. Experience and leadership are essential to guide the organization through the education, cultural, and operational changes.


  • Improved cash flow and inventory turns by reducing on hand inventories by an average of 25% in the first year.
  • Avoided facility expansion by reducing operations footprint by 35%, freed space is being used for manufacturing of new products.  
  • Identified and implemented activities to cut product lead time by 33%, allows company to fill orders and satisfy clients faster.
  • Re-organized Inspection department workflow improving quality and saving major customer for client. 
  • Lead kaizen event that addressed foreign matter in a process – cut customer complaints by 75%.
  • Identified and Implemented steps reducing machine set-up on average by 50%
  • Organized and set-up High Performing Team environment, increasing billable throughput by 33%. 


Ask about our Results based fee structure – If we don’t deliver measurable results you don’t pay.